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imageWhy is customer service so hard to get today? Really?  We went to dinner last night and the waiter basically told my family (our two year old included) to expect bad service.  Well, we were really excited to go to this place it had great reviews on tripadvisor, etc, so we were reluctant to leave.  Also we were already seated.  Much to our disappointment the waiter didn’t fail us.  Two hours later we were asking for the bill (never received water or the second bread basket).  Is it so hard to give good service?  Are people who serve becoming lazy or are our expectations too high? With sites that are posting reviews within minutes of your service wouldn’t people think about this?  Does anybody want a bad name on a review?

It’s easy to make a sale, it’s easy to get repeat business.  As a salesperson with 17 years experience it’s the follow through that is what makes the sale happen  What isn’t easy is swallowing the pride and letting your customer be taken care of.  Even the most demanding customer could be satisfied with an extra spoonful of “giving what they want”.

What is so hard about bringing me a glass of water?  Thank God there were stones at the restaurant so my son could throw them into the water while we waited for our one course meal.  Honestly, no appetizers or dessert!

My husband and I talk all the time about service.  It’s able to exist but it does have a cost.  There are department stores that will service you like Royalty and then there are other huge discount stores (Walmart) that offer lower prices but zero service.  Personally, I like good service, so will pay a couple cents (per dollar) more at Target to get it.  It’s worth it.

When it comes to car shopping most people will pay the same price for a car.  It’s the service you receive during and after the sale that you should think about and that should make a difference in the end.  For example, If you buy a car at Baierl Honda, we have a concierge service to pick your vehicle up at your door or work for service and have it back to you when it’s finished.  This service is for all our buyers! Isn’t it great?  Let me know what suggestions you might have for a great car service.

Thanks for letting me rant!  Always on a quest for great service!


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